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My Travel Plans


One day, I would like to visit Thailand because I believe that the scenary is beautiful. Also, I can understand the language, so it's not as scary as going to a country where I couldn't understand what the locals were saying.

Las Vegas

Las Vegas, Nevada is the furthest away from home that I have ever been. I stayed at Caesar's Palace which was a beautiful resort. I would like to go back when I am old enough to experience everything that they have to offer. I was not allowed in most areas because I was not at least 21 years of age at the time. I chose this destination because I wasn't there for long, so I didn't get to see that much, and I would like to see more. One thing that I would like to accomplish while I am there is to take a tour of the famous Grand Canyon in its neighboring state, Arizona.

8amWake up
9amHave breakfast
10amBoard bus
11amStop for lunch
12pmArrive at Hoover Dam
1pmArrive at Grand Canyon
2pmBoard bus
3pmArrive at hotel